The 767-300ER Freighter is more fuel-efficient than competing aircraft in the medium-widebody freighter market. Excellent fuel efficiency, operational flexibility, low- noise levels support time-critical cargo schedules even at airports with stringent noise and emissions standards.


The 767-300ER Freighter has a MTOW of 412,000 pounds (187,000 kg) and can hold up to 24 standard 88-by-125-inch (2,200 by 3,200 mm) pallets on its main deck and up to 30 LD2 unit load devices on the lower deck, with a total cargo volume of 15,469 cubic feet (438 m3) carry approximately 58 tons of revenue payload more than 3,255 nautical miles (6,025 km).

The 767-300ER Freighter is the best fit in the midsized freighter market, serving routes as short as U.S. domestic and pan-European to long-range flights over the North Atlantic and North Pacific. 

Proven Efficiency

The 767-300ER Freighter keeps ton-mile costs to a minimum with its two-person flight deck, and its twin high-bypass-ratio engines offer excellent fuel economy. The operating costs, per available ton-mile, are projected to be 20 percent lower than those of its closest competitors. 

Extended Operations (ETOPS) 

The B767-300ER Freighter has a180-minute extended operations (ETOPS). This allows more direct, time-saving trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic flights from many U.S. gateways that translates to savings for our customers.