The Kalitta Air Class IV Repair Station's unique complex of hangars and back shop facilities allow us to perform heavy checks and major overhauls/repairs due to first rate heavily experienced work force and spacious hangars that can fully enclose the aircraft. 

As a busy worldwide freight airline, Kalitta Air understands the need to minimize any possible disruption to flying schedules. Our experienced maintenance personnel offers line maintenance assistance and specializes in quick response to AOG situations. They are also available for dispatch when you need them the most. In addition to our maintenance outstations in LAX, JFK, CVG, ANC and HNL, we have the ability to send crews wherever needed to get our customers back up and flying again.

Our primary customer business focuses on but is not limited to the following models:


  • DC-8
  • DC-9
  • DC-10  
  • MD-10
  • MD-11
  • MD-80 
  • MD-90


  • 777 All Series
  • 767 All Series
  • 757 All Series
  • 747-All Series
  • 737 All Series
  • 727 All Series
  • 717 All Series

Any aircraft of metal construction weighing 12,500 lbs. or more with FAA Certified Training and Proper Tooling

air frame MRO services

Our history of Drop-In Maintenance work includes but is not limited to:

  • Hospital visits
  • APU change and repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Landing Gear changes/ swings
  • Hydraulic system T/S, leaks & repairs
  • Engine changes
  • Cargo handling systems repair
  • Avionics and flight controls repair including T/S & rigging
  • Windshield changes
  • Environmental control / pressurization system repairs
  • "A" & "B" Checks


  • Over 70% of our technicians hold FAA A/P Licenses
  • Staff technicians average 19 years of experience in aircraft maintenance
  • Technicians are trained in several facets of aircraft maintenance

We specialize in repair of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas aircraft, including the following services...

  • Scheduled A, B, C and D Checks
  • Major structural inspection / repairs
  • Modifications on Airframe and Powerplant systems
  • CPCP, SSID and Aging Aircraft programs
  • Structural/Avionics Conversions and Modifications/STC installations
  • Cabin modification/PAX and Cargo
  • Aircraft Weighing & Balance
  • Flight Control Balancing
  • Paint preparation/full exterior paint
  • Non-Destructive Testing:
    • Fluorescent Penetrant
    • Eddy Current
    • Ultrasonic
    • Radiographic
    • Magnetic Particle
  • Laser measurement system
  • C/W Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives
  • Transponder Re-Certification Test
  • Altimeter Re-Certification Test
  • Automatic Pressure Altitude Reporting System Test
  • Data Correspondence Check
  • Full range of avionic services and equipment 



Please contact us for further details regarding our air frame services and capabilities.

don nolan

director of heavy maintenance


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