We operate an all-freighter fleet of B747-400's and B767-300ER's with an acquisition plan in place to rapidly expand our entire fleet. Our fleet of all Boeing freighters are fully certified Cat II and III approaches to go to the lowest of visibility weather minimums, and are Stage III noise compliant. Whether your demands are for short haul, long haul, or the need to move the odd shaped cargo that requires a nose loader, we have the right aircraft for your demands.

We have maintained a strong presence in the airfreight industry and are expanding our fleet to meet the growing demands of our customers needs. If you need to move your freight fast, we have the flexibility to meet your timeline. We have the proven performance in quick response not only to the everyday cargo, but also for natural disasters providing relief flights for earthquakes, floods, Ebola, and tsunami’s. We not only fly the everyday cargo of boxes crates and containers, we’ve moved everything from cows, horses, whales, automobiles, helicopters, airplanes, tanks, oil rig drilling equipment, ocean liner anchors, and government, DOD and military charters. If you need it moved anywhere on the globe, and you need it there fast, we are your airline.


The 767-300ER Freighter enjoys the cost-effective advantage of a twin engine freighter that minimizes the operating expenses, yet still has global reach to provide our customers with an economic solution whether their needs are to move their freight domestic or international.

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Our B747-400 is a highly fuel-efficient and reliable fleet of aircraft that has a cost and capacity advantage over other freighters which provides a cost-efficient solution.

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