Kalitta Maintenance Powerplant Division is a world class full service MRO. We offer a complete range of maintenance services for General Electric CFM and CF6 engine type, and Pratt and Whitney JT8, JT9 engine type, and 901A APU. Engine testing is also available at our 10-meter test cell facility. In addition to scheduled on site maintenance, we specialize in quick response AOG situations and are available for dispatch 24/7 to meet your needs. 



General Electric

  • CF6 Series

  • CFM56 Series

  • GE90-115B (Line-Based)

Pratt & Whitney

  • JT8D Series

  • JT9D Series

  • 901A  APU

Power plant MRO Services


  • Powerplant Division Machine Shop
    • - CF6-80C2
      • HPC Case Stator Vane Grind
      • HPC Rotor Blade Tip Grind
      • HPC Case Measure
      • HPT Case Grind
      • HPT Rotor Blade Tip Grind
    • - CF6-50
      • HPC Case Grind
      • HPC Case Measure
      • HPC Rotor Blade Tip Grind
      • HPC Rotor Blade Tip Measure
      • HPT Rotor Blade Tip Grind
    • - CFM-56-3
      • HPC Rotor Grind
      • HPC Rotor Measure
      • HPT Rotor Grind


  • Our inspection team can provide certified insitu blending on all GE engines
  • First to utilize the video boroscope with 3D video imaging
    • We can In-Situ boro blend GE Series Engine
    • Length, point to line, depth, area, multi-segment, and depth profile measurements
    • Depth map & Depth profile views. This uses color to approximate the depth of an indication
    • Point Cloud Views. This provides a rough idea of feature size & shows location of high and low points to help profile and depth measurement cursor positioning
    • Live screen annotating with text and arrows
    • Scopes are battery powered for quicker line response
  • A portable x-ray unit is available for your on-site needs
  • Our scopes are compact, lightweight for easier traveling to remote areas
  • Our inspection team is trained in FARO certification
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Lab
    • Fluorescent Penetrant
    • Eddy Current
    • Ultrasonic
    • Radiographic
    • Magnetic particle
  • We provide digitized records along with all original documents
  • We can provide Borescope reports to customers that show the engine internal condition in full color photographs complete with measurements if needed.


  • Engine Trim equipment
    • EVBC & Fuel Control for P&W
  • Engine vibe equipment
    • PBS 4100 for G.E. and P&W
  • On-Wing Engine Testing for G.E. and P&W


Repair and Overhaul

  • Module Restoration
  • On Wing
    • Thrust measurement capable
    • PBS 4100
    • Troubleshoot and repair
  • 10-Meter Test Cell
    • Capable of 100,000 pounds of thrust.
    • Capable of running all JT9D, CF6-50 and CF6-80 series engines
  • Powerplant Division Building 1
    • Building 1 specializes in the repair/overhaul of all JT8D, JT9D and CFM56-3 model engines
    • This shop has the capability to have twelve engines in production at any given time
  • Powerplant Division Building 2
    • Building 2 specializes in the repair/overhaul of all CF6-50 and CF6-80 series engines
    • This shop has the capability to have eighteen engines in production at any given time
  • Engine Avionics Shop
    • Engine wire harness testing and repair
    • EGT system testing and repair
  • Fan Blade
    • Visual inspections
    • Blend repairs
    • Fan blade plotting
  • Clean Shop
    • Compliant with all current cleaning methods IAW G.E. and P&W 
  • Stores/Stockroom
    • Purchasing and repair order processing and tracking on-site
    • Shipping and receiving


Please contact us for further details regarding our power plant services and capabilities.

Managers of       Power plants:

Brian Coughlin


Kraig Stepp



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