A PMA Shop is a FAA Licensed facility certified to manufacture aircraft parts. Currently we are certified to manufacture Boeing 747-400 freighter Ball Transfer Units.

Our PMA facility has full access to the support facilities of Kalitta Air / Kalitta Maintenance , including a state of the art non-destructive lab, engineering department, inspection and aircraft maintenance and testing facilities. Our shop has several HAAS CNC machines, along with other various mills and support equipment. Our machinists have all had several years machinist experience with local machine shops before employment at Kalitta Maintenance.

Ball Transfer Units:

  •  Part #25571301-1 
  • Manufactured in house from stainless steel for durability at 1.90lbs / .861kg each
  • Direct replacement for OEM part numbers 22400-1, 224100-3, 224100-3 Amended A, 156100-1&3, 156100-3 AmendedA, 55100-1 and 55100-1 Amended A.

Tread Assembly:

  • Part #232U4788-3KA &-37KA
  • These treads are a direct replacement for Boeing part #232U4788-31 & -37
  • Engineered for more strength, durability and service out of 7050-T6billet stock 


ISO Container Offset Restraint Kit

  • With Kalitta’s ISO kit STC ST04019CH, you can palletize and secure sea containers for safe shipment on all series of Boeing freighters.