Conrad Kalitta

CEO / owner

Conrad (Connie) Kalitta has a lifetime of experience in the airline industry that goes back to 1967 when he began transporting parts for the automotive business with a twin engine Cessna 310 that he piloted himself. Over the years, Kalitta grew from a one-airplane operation into a substantial airline conglomerate, American International Airways, Inc. (AIA), that used B747, L1011, DC8, B727, Twin Beech and Learjet aircraft in worldwide airfreight, air ambulance and charter passenger operations. AIA supported the Desert Shield/Desert Storm operations with award winning efforts. AIA was one of the world's 25 largest airlines with revenues in excess of $400 million derived from both scheduled and on-demand air charters as well as third party engine and airframe maintenance service.

In 1997, Conrad Kalitta sold AIA and in April 2000 formed Kalitta Air, a Michigan Limited Liability Company. Conrad Kalitta is its sole owner. Kalitta Air began service in November 2000 with three Boeing 747 aircraft, and the fleet has grown to a present total of 15 Boeing 747 aircraft and 2 Boeing 767 aircraft. Capable of air express delivery of virtually any type of freight, the company provides scheduled and on-demand charter service for customers in the United States and around the world, including the Unites States Postal Service and Air Mobility Command. In addition, Kalitta Air maintains an engine repair facility and an FAA approved 145 repair station in Oscoda, Michigan where it performs engine overhaul and maintenance on aircraft.

Kalitta is also renowned as a professional drag racer in the Top Fuel class of the NHRA. In fact, it was his winnings in drag racing that enabled him to purchase the Cessna 310 that started him in the airline business. Kalitta was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in June of 1992 for his tremendous contribution to the sport. Kalitta won five world championships and set the world's speed record on more than one occasion. Although not currently in the driver’s seat, he is the team owner and crew chief of four Top Fuel teams.


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pete Sanderlin

Vice President / General Manager / Director of Ops

In May of 2000, Pete Sanderlin was hired by Kalitta Air to assist in the start-up of the company as an international air cargo carrier. Sanderlin is currently Vice-President/General Manager and the Director of Operations at Kalitta Air.

Sanderlin’s aviation experience began in 1963 where he served with the United States Navy.  He flew high performance fighter aircraft in the Pacific and South Asia area.  He also served with the Navy and Naval Reserve for a total of 26 years.  

Sanderlin was the Director of Operations for American International Airways from 1988 to 1995, where he controlled the operation of 25 DC-8’s, 7 Boeing 747’s, 6 Lockheed L1011’s, and 10 Boeing 727’s.  Prior to his employment with Kalitta Air, Sanderlin was the Director of Operations for Trans Continental Airlines and Kitty Hawk International Airlines and was a contractual Aviation Consultant.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management.  

Zoltan Kocis

Director of Quality Control / aircraft transactions

Zoltan Kocis has been with Kalitta Air as Director of Quality Control since the company’s inception in 2000.  He is responsible for Inspection, Maintenance Publications, Aircraft and Engine Records, Quality Assurance, Continuing Analysis Surveillance, Aircraft Acquisitions, Maintenance Training, FAA Repair Station and other Quality Control department functions.

As the Kalitta Air primary coordinator for maintenance related FAA/Government activities, Kocis draws on his expertise and professionalism to oversee the company’s compliance with maintenance requirements of applicable FAA regulations.  

Kocis brings over 29 years of aviation experience to Kalitta Air.  His diverse aviation experience includes business development, aircraft acquisitions/leasing/sales, maintenance and inspection, lead mechanic and crew chief through commercial airline and military service.  He also holds a FAA Airframe and Powerplant and FCC License.


Mark Nolff

DIRECTOR OF Maintenance

Mark Nolff is the Director of Maintenance for Kalitta Air since 2013 and has held prior positions of increasing responsibility within the Kalitta Companies dating back to 1992.  

Mark is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of aircraft maintenance, reliability and airworthiness of the Kalitta Air fleet.  This includes the constant surveillance of line maintenance repairs, operation of four outstations, planning of short term and long range maintenance and strictly following established safety practices.

Mark’s prior employment history includes General Motors Corporation, Michigan Institute of Aeronautics and Rosenbalm Aviation.  Mark is a graduate of Detroit Institute of Aeronautics earning an Airframe & Powerplant license. Mark also attended Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College, graduating with an Associate Degree in Technical Studies. 


Chief Financial Officer

Greg Strzynski is the Company’s Chief Financial Officer, a position that he has held since January of 2006. He is responsible for all financial functions including treasury, financial planning and analysis, accounting, budgeting, financial reporting and tax matters.

Previously,  Strzynski was Corporate Controller of American International Airways for approximately seven years and has held other financial management positions with increasing reasonability.    

Strzynski has his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

George Kelsey

Legal COUNSel


George Kelsey is an attorney who has provided legal representation forConrad Kalitta and his Companies since 1983.  During that period, he has assisted in the purchase of more than 100 aircraft and represented the company in countless aircraft related transactions.  George Kelsey is a member of the Kalitta Air Board of Directors and is the Company’s secretary.

Laurie Stockton

director of human resources

Laurie Stockton is the Human Resources Director. She is responsible and ensures compliance in employment matters, handles audits involving federal and state agencies, and continues to serve on the Kalitta Air Management team in the collective bargaining negotiations with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) on the pilot contract.

Prior to becoming the HR Director, Ms. Stockton served as an attorney at Kelsey Law Group. There she was responsible for handling employment and aviation related cases.  In addition, she assisted Kalitta Air management in the Teamsters Collective Bargaining Agreement, union negotiations and grievances.  

Ms. Stockton holds an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and received her Juris Doctor from Cooley Law School, while working as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Kathleen Ertman

Executive Assistant to the President

Kathleen Ertman began working for Conrad Kalitta as his secretary in 1994 and has remained with him during the various corporate changes.  One of her many roles is to oversee the day-to-day functioning of the executive office while coordinating schedules, meetings and special projects between Mr. Kalitta and senior management.

Kathleen held prior positions of Stenographer and Senior Secretary to the County Clerk managing the administrative office for 8 years while coordinating fundraisers and speaking engagements for the elected official.

She graduated from Schoolcraft Community College with two AAS degrees (Secretarial and General Studies).