Article written by Cindy Goodboo-Schultz

It’s been around 12 years since a seated governor has visited Iosco County. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder visited Kalitta Air in Oscoda MI, hosted by 106th District State Rep. Peter Pettalia (R-Presque Isle) July 17th 2014.

Kirk Profit, from the Governmental Consultant Services, made arrangements for the Governor and Peter Pettalia to tour Kalitta Air in Oscoda while they visit Iosco County.   Genuinely, Governor Rick Snyder and Peter Pettalia accepted Connie and Doug Kalitta’s invitation. 

Beside Connie and Doug Kalitta were a few top key people from Kalitta Air providing a warm and friendly greeting, Don Nolan, Rich Bray, Bob Fabyan, Zoltan Kocis, Heath Nicolls, Mark Nolff, Steve Brewer, Kirk Profit and Laurie Stockton welcoming the Governor Rick Snyder and 106th District State Rep. Peter Pettalia. 

During the tour of Kalitta Air they visited the construction site of Hangar 9. Hangar 9 is a $9.7 million dollar project that is partially being funded by a $2 million dollar grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Strategic Fund. 

"Kalitta Air’s growth is making a real difference to productivity and competitiveness which is critical to creating more business opportunities. The Growth will offer international connections, great technologies, and a positive work-together culture that supports the entrepreneurial mind-set. Our aim is dedication in which; to better serve our loyal and expanding customer base and to create more jobs; this is a very positive move forward for Iosco County and Kalitta Air.

It was an honor to have Governor Rick Snyder and Peter Pettalia visit Kalitta Air in Oscoda MI.  Both Connie and Doug Kalitta extend the invitation to Governor Rick Snyder and Peter Pettalia in hopes that they will both return to see all the accomplishments achieved with hangar 9 once it is completed.