The B747 was the first wide-body ever produced and earned the nickname, Jumbo Jet. The B747 Freighter opened up the global freight market and was the backbone that made Kalitta Air a dominant force in the Global Freight Market.





The B747-200 Freighter has a MTOW of 833,000 pounds (377,842 kg) and can hold up to (29) 96-by-125-inch (2.4- x 3.2-m) pallets or containers on its main deck and (9) 96-by-125-inch (2.4- x 3.2-m) in the lower lobe, with a total cargo volume of 24,885 cubic feet (704.6 m3) carrying 245,264 pounds, approximately 123 tons of revenue payload more than 3,615 nautical miles (6,695 km).

The 747 Freighter is great fit in the wide-body freighter market, serving routes as short as U.S. domestic to destinations around the world.